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optical disc stucked in drive

Published: September 8, 2007

How to Remove a Stuck CD from Optical Drives? « My Digital Life
Feb 28, 2007 . If a CD or DVD gets stuck in your computer's optical drive, you can actually extract it by yourself without seeking help from a technician.

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CD-ROM, DVD, or other disc tray not opening.
It is possible for a CD to get stuck in the drive. Look for a small hole (that is not the head phone jack) as shown in the below picture. Place a paper clip into the .

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The ultimate guide to ejecting a stuck disc from Mac SuperDrive ...
May 1, 2009 . The slot-loading optical disc drives in MacBooks and iMacs are . Over the years, a ton of different methods for ejecting stuck discs have been .

Apple Computers: Troubleshooting the slot load optical disc drive
Jun 25, 2010 . Learn how to troubleshoot the slot load optical disc drive in Apple . A disc with physical defects may become stuck in or cause damage to the .

Mac Mini with CD stuck in drive [Archive] - The macosxhints Forums
Apple service manuals show removal and disassembly of the optical drive as the means to remove a stuck CD from PowerBooks. iBook G4s .

CD stuck in PowerBook, Help! [Archive] - MacRumors Forums
It is always a very good idea to have a mechincal and manual fail safe for things like CD drives. Sometimes they just get stuck and the only way .

Removing a stuck CD/DVD from a MacBook | lipflip.org
Mar 16, 2011 . This can easily ruin your disc or drive. . stuck cd from macbook; macbook dvd stuck; macbook cd stuck; macbook dvd stuck in drive . and we ended up destroying the optical drive (squeezed it sideways, bending the frame .

How to Fix a Jammed Slot-Loading CD Drive: Digital Clinic - Popular ...
Oct 1, 2009 . Q: My Macintosh MacBook has a slot-loading optical drive. About a month ago, I got a DVD stuck inside. The eject button isn't working. Is there .

Opening a Stuck CD or DVD Drive Tray Compaq Presario Desktop ...
Right-click the icon for the CD or DVD drive that is stuck, and then click Eject . . If the optical drive does not have the manual eject feature and the CD tray will .

Open CD DVD Drive - How To Create a Paperclip Drive Opener
Have you ever needed to open your CD or DVD optical drive when the power . Don Schechter's visual walk through on how to open a stuck drive on your PC.

How to Fix a stuck CD Tray - YouTube
Mar 24, 2010 . Do you have a computer optical drive, or even a set-top DVD or CD player that's perfectly good, but the tray just won't come out? Don't throw it .

CD or DVD Drive Won't Eject or Open?
Mar 6, 2010 . What to do if you get a CD or DVD stuck in your computers optical drive, and it won't eject. You can take several steps to troubleshoot stuck .

cd stuck in the optical drive - iMac Intel 24" EMC 2111 - iFixit
Jan 11, 2010 . I have a cd stuck in my optical drive, what can I do to fix it? - iMac Intel 24" EMC 2111.

CD stuck in a Powerbook G4 12" - powerbook G4 opticaldrive | Ask ...
CD stuck in a Powerbook G4 12" April 13, 2007 1:15 PM Subscribe . I've stopped using the optical drive on my 12" powerbook G4 for this reason. (it's more of a .

Mac 101: Get that "stuck" disc out of your Mac | TUAW - The ...
Jun 23, 2008 . Stuck discs may need the assistance of an Apple Genius or certified Apple repair . That forces open both optical drives on the Mac. YMMV.

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i tried to use a paperclip to release my cd-r/rw drive and it still doesnt ...
Troubleshooting the slot load optical disc drive . A disc with physical defects may become stuck in or cause damage to the drive. The drive .

SD card in the cd slot: Apple Support Communities
13 hours ago . Is it stuck in the slot area and blocking optical discs? . You can try gently shaking the computer with the optical drive slot facing the floor to see .

Remove a stuck CD or DVD from a slot loading drive - Mac OS X Hints
If a CD or DVD is physically stuck inside your MacBook's or . /2008/06/13/video- how-to-remove-stuck-cd-from-imac-slot-loading-optical-drive/ .

Disc stuck in Dell Studio 1535 - Windows 7 Forums
I slipped a dvd into my drive, carefully as usual, and for some reason, my eject button and manual eject . The hole is there for one reason only - to eject a stuck disc. . The problem is caused by pressure on the optical drive.

Mini-Tutorial: Ejecting media in Mac OS X: Removing 'stuck' CDs ...
Oct 11, 2004 . Before applying these methods, however, note that busy disks (either . at startup will cause a misbehaving optical drive to eject its media.

How to remove CD or DVD disc from a not working laptop >> Inside ...
Let's say the laptop will not turn on but there is a CD or DVD disc stuck inside the optical drive and you want to get it out. Also, you can use these instructions if .

Mini-CD stuck in my Macbook! [Archive] - MacRumors Forums
I highly bet there is something relating to a Mini-CD getting stuck inside. Here's from the manual: Using the optical drive The SuperDrive in your .

Eject Stuck CD/DVD - Use Terminal To Eject a ... - Macs - About.com
Having a CD or DVD stuck in your Mac or an optical drive isn't a fun situation. And while there are a number of ways to force the media to be ejected, most .

How to Force Eject a Stuck CD or DVD on Mac OS X | eHow.com
Occasionally a CD or DVD can become stuck in your Mac's optical drive. But there is a trick to force eject stubborn CDs and DVDs that get stuck in a drive.

Disk stuck in optical drive - iMac Intel 20" EMC 2105 and 2118 - iFixit
Mar 13, 2010 . Here is a link for a possible solution to a similar problem that may help you. If it works for you would you please leave a uptick for mayer.

dvd - A disk is stuck in my slot-loading Dell Studio Hybrid. How can I ...
Sep 15, 2010 . A disk is stuck in my slot-loading Dell Studio Hybrid. How can I get . The slot- loading optical drive in my Dell Studio Hybrid has been acting up.


How To Remove Stuck CD From iMac / Slot Loading CD/DVD Drive ...
Jun 13, 2008 . How To Remove Stuck CD From iMac / Slot Loading CD/DVD Drive . doesn't eject (i.e. cd with thick label or broken optical drive). brought to .


Remove a Mini-CD from a Slot-Loading Drive | PCWorld
If the disc remains stuck, attach a piece of two-sided tape to a thin, sturdy business . Check your computer or optical-drive manual to make sure in advance.