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miller falls low angle block plane

Published: September 8, 2007

Millers Falls Block and Specialty Planes Nos. 45 through 67
. and specialty planes nos. 45 through 67 that were manufactured by the Millers Falls Company. . No. 46. Adjustable Low Angle Block Plane. Equipped with an .

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Millers Falls hand tool price guide - antique hand planes, bit braces ...
46, adjustable low angle block plane, 1929-by 1944 . 56, low angle adjustable block plane, 1929- .

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Millers Falls Block and Specialty Planes
A study of the block and specialty planes manufactured by the Millers Falls . 118 low angle boy's plane was manufactured for perhaps a dozen years with a .

Millers Falls Block and Specialty Planes Nos. 296 through 9775
A study of the block and specialty planes nos. 296 through 9775 that were manufactured by the Millers Falls Company. . Adjustable Low Angle Block Plane .

Millers Falls - Bob Kaune - Antique & Used Tools
Jan 13, 2012 . MFPL57, MILLERS FALLS No.57 (65-1/2) LOW ANGLE BLOCK PLANE. c.1940. Paint=97%+. VERY RARE & EXC+ *PIC*, 129.95. MFSCR296 .

JON ZIMMERS ANTIQUE TOOLS, Woodworking Planes For Sale
MILLERS FALLS NO. 56, LOW ANGLE BLOCK PLANE, with adjustable throat. The same as the Stanley No. 60 1/2. This is the smaller, 6 inch block plane.

Stanley Sweetheart 60-1/2 Block Plane Review
Stanley Sweetheart 60-1/2 Block Plane Review. By Rob . bargain I decided to take a look at their 60-1/2 low angle . Millers-Falls 56B, this is a big block plane.

Tool Exchange - Millers Falls Planes
#8678 Millers Falls #17 adjustable mouth block plane, low angle. A$ 95. #918 Miller Falls 33 USA, like Stanley 101. G++ A$ 60. #8607 Millers Falls #88 Jointer .

Millers Falls Adjustable Low Angle Block Plane 1445B Vintage Tool
6 days ago . Signed: Millers Falls 1455B, Adjustable Low Angle Block Plane. Vintage, old, used, partially cleaned up. Has hardwood knob. 1960s, was .

Patented Metal Planes & Wooden Planes - Antiques Of A ...
#035 Transitional Smooth Plane; Millers Falls #4-02 (#75) Bull Nose Rabbet Plane; Millers Falls #16 Block Plane Sargent #5206 Low Angle Steel Block Plane .

Meeker's patented-antiques.com Ohio Tool Co. Planes
Millers Falls Low Angle Block Plane Millers Falls #56B Low Angle Block Plane This is Millers Falls equivalent of Stanley's # 60 1/2 low angle block plane.

1 day ago . Planes Collectible Planes Block Planes Wooden Planes . $40.00. P11 - Millers Falls No. 11 Junior . 12-960 Low Angle Block Plane. Later 60 .

Antique Tools: Searchable Cumulative Listing of Photo-Illustrated Lists
78: Duplex Filletster Plane; & Millers Falls Company No. 77: Closed Throat Router Plane . 101 PA: Low Angle Block Plane; & Sargent & Co./New Haven, Ct. No.

Rust Hunting - The Workshop of TJ Mahaffey
Spring, 2007 - #60 low angle block plane by Stanley - $8. #2 Stanley . Winter, 2005 - Two low-angle block planes. . Winter, 2005 - Miller's Falls smooth plane.

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Planes - Timeless Tools & Treasures Store
Rare Birmingham No. 7 Jointer Plane $60.00. Qty: Millers Falls No. 900, 9-Inch Smoothing Plane c. 1935+ $15.00. Qty: Stanley No. 65 Low-Angle Block Plane .

Seldom Seen Archives - Bob Kaune - Antique & Used Tools
Most of these items are currently on display and for information .

Close Grain: Review: Lee Valley Veritas NX60 Block Plane
Aug 15, 2010 . The Lee Valley/Veritas NX60 Premium Block Plane in repose. . #18, patent date 2-18-13 (adjustable mouth, normal angle), a Miller's Falls #75 (fixed mouth, normal angle) and a recent Groz (adjustable mouth, low angle).

Plane Crazy's Old Tool List
Plane Crazy's Old Tool List (Updated 11/15/98) Greetings All, Happy to send . $55 B1180: Millers Falls #56 low angle block plane (similar to 60 1/2 Stanley, .

Tool Exchange - Stanley Planes Block
#7229 Stanley #65 Low angle block plane in its original box. G++ A$ 295. C7 Stanley #65 1/2 low angle, pat 1897 in bed and cap. A$ 180. #5024 Millers Falls .

The Superior Works - Patrick's Blood & Gore: Planes #90 - #100
#100 1/2 Block plane, 3 1/2"L, 1"W, 3/8lb, 1936-1962. . grey and have a red lever cap, and very much resemble the Millers Falls' version of the plane. . compared to the other low angle block planes, but some might find it useful to strip paint.

Antique & Collectible Tool Auction - Great Planes Trading Company
(Photo). 4. Stanley #62 low-angle plane (hang hole) (Photo) . Early Millers Falls non ratcheting brace (Photo). 45. . Stanley #65 low angle block plane (Photo) .

How-To Guides: Hand Tools
Nov 30, 2011 . KNOW-IT-ALL. Advantages of Different Plane Bed Angles by Knight Toolworks . Millers Falls Tool Co. . Lie-Nielsen #140 Skew Block Plane Review by Alf. Low Angle . Veritas Low Angle Smoother Review by Derek Cohen .

Meeker's www.AntiqBuyer.com antique planes, patented planes ...
Millers Falls Low Angle #60 1/2 Block Plane This is like new and looks to have never been used. As nice as anything produced today, or by Stanley in the past.

Meeker's patented-antiques.com Antique Low Angle & OTher ...
Stanley # 61 Block Plane The type 1 # 61 Low Angle Stanley block plane is just . made by Stanley, but have also read that they were a Millers Falls product.


I started with a block plane that I bought from Sears for planing doors. . #92 shoulder plane, Millers Falls bullnose rabbet, and a bunch of block planes. . the #78 duplex rabbet plane, two Lie-Nielsen planes (164 low angle smoother and 140 .

Block and Smoothing Planes - Oldtools.co.uk
This version of the Millers Falls block plane is similar to the Stanley 9 1/2 version of the . 65 low angled block plane with adjustable mouth made by Stanley.