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interesting facts on ebola

Published: September 8, 2007

Fun Facts About Ebola - Democratic Underground
'Ebola' is both the common term used to describe a group of viruses belonging to genus Ebolavirus, family Filoviridae, and the common name for the disease .

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Facts on Ebola virus: human and animal outbreaks
Aug 28, 2007 . News & interesting Links · Contacts · SiteMap. Logo NGAGI . Facts on Ebola virus: human and animal outbreaks. Send this page to somebody .

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What are some facts about Ebola
The fact that I find most intriguing is that we don't know where Ebola lives when it's not in epidemiological . What are some interesting facts about boxing?

Ebola Virus Facts
Browse eMedTV's wide range of articles related to ebola virus facts including topics such as the ebola virus, and from what place did the ebola virus get its name .

Biological Facts
Biological Facts of Ebola Virus. The Ebola virus is part of a group of negative- stranded RNA viruses, known as Filoviridae and mostly not airborne. The Ebola .

Viral Diseases - Fun Facts and Information
Fun Facts about Viral Diseases. Interesting factoids, information and answers. . Ebola Virus Part 1 · Living Depends on the Liver: Viral Hepatitis · Colds and Flu .

Fever, Ebola virus definition - Infectious Diseases: Causes, Types ...
Apr 27, 2011 . Get the facts on infectious disease types, causes, prevention, and treatment, . If a patient with Ebola fever dies, it is equally important that direct .

Ebola Outbreak in Uganda » Curious Cat Science and Engineering ...
Dec 8, 2007 . I found some interesting facts about Ebola here. Check it out! Curious Cat Science and Engineering Blog » Science and Engineering Fiction .

A Vaccine for the Ebola Virus?
Mar 31, 2008 . Because Ebola virus is so dangerous, producing and testing a vaccine is extremely . I found some interesting facts about Ebola here. Check it .

Emerging Viruses-Aids & Ebola - Higher Intellect
"emerging viruses" like HIV and Ebola spontaneously evolved and naturally . At mini- mum, what you are about to read exposes many important facts which .

Ebola Haemorrhagic Fever: Fact Sheet: Travel Health Program ...
Fact sheet on Ebola Haemorrhagic Fever. . If infected, it is important to get treatment at a healthcare facility to replenish fluids and electrolytes lost through .

Fun science trivia questions answers and facts.
Fun Science Trivia Questions Answers and Facts . Incredibly Funny Animals! . How many of every 10 victims infected by the Ebola virus will die in two days?

ThinkGeek :: Giant Plush Microbes
Ebola. E. Coli. Egg Cell. Flesh Eating Disease. The Flu. Food Poisoning . 25Geek Points Geek Points is a program to reward you, our incredibly cool . there filled with very small things that can do incredible damage to much bigger things.

New Ebola subtype confirmed : Aetiology
Nov 20, 2008 . However, one of those things that I'll carve out time to write about is an interesting , hot-off-the-presses Ebola paper, and especially one .

CDC | Bioterrorism Agents/Diseases | Emergency Preparedness ...
Information on terrorism and public health. . encephalitis]); Viral hemorrhagic fevers (filoviruses [e.g., Ebola, Marburg] and arenaviruses [e.g., Lassa, Machupo] ) .

The McCanns, both Catholics, initiated a high-profile campaign to keep Madeleine’s face on posters and her name in the headlines, crisscrossing Europe and meeting with a uml profile for representing business at the aroma rice cooker parts.

Pandemic - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
TB is still one of the most important health problems in the developing world. . Lassa fever, Rift Valley fever, Marburg virus, Ebola virus and Bolivian hemorrhagic fever are . Fact sheet N°259: African trypanosomiasis or sleeping sickness.

Emerging and Re-emerging Infectious Diseases:
HIV/AIDS, avian influenza, monkeypox, Nipah, SARS, and Ebola are all the result , to a . Finally, information technology makes an important contribution to all .

Parasites: 10 frightening facts!
Ten Things You Never Wanted To Know About Parasites . The dreaded Ebola parasite will, for example, attack internal organs and eat into collagen, which is .

Today's Technology Birthplaces and Interesting Facts - Yahoo ...
Jul 15, 2010 . And what are the interesting facts about their origin? . This auction web was hosted on the same server as Pierre's page about the ebola virus.

Ebola : Misc (The Full Wiki)
Top topics; Reference; Quiz; Facts; Map; Misc; Search. The Full Wiki. Search: More info on Ebola. Top topics . More interesting facts on Ebola Include this on .

Top 10 Incurable Diseases
Oct 4, 2007 . Ebola is a virus of the family Filoviridae that is responsible for a severe and often . the C viruses are not important causes of disease in humans. . cancerous mutations were in fact the next stage in human evolution – that .

Amazon.com: Ebola: Through the Eyes of the People ...
I had expected more technical information. However, the book was a very good read and gave an interesting perspective of the first Ebola outbreak from the view .

The Ebola Virus: Virology, Fiction and Threat to Mankind, F.A. Murphy
He was the first one to look at Ebola virus 'face-to-face' in the electron microscope . . It can be difficult to tell fact from fiction with these kind of sources. I'd like to ask . The most important mosquito-born disease in the world today is dengue.

Ebola Monkey Man: Nigerian 419 Scam
. one at a time. Watch the Ebola Monkey Man drive these scammers crazy! . Oh , and relax, it's all in good fun. . Read the facts, straight from the source.

What Happened on May 9th This Day in History
9th May 1994 : The first cases of the Ebola Virus in the latest outbreak in Gabon, . Delaware May 2012 Festivals, Fairs, Arts and Craft Shows and Other Fun Ideas For . the cruiser to check out the hull and any other information he could find.

Ebola Web Project
Various areas of information about the Ebola virus are highlighted in the article. . Interesting briefs are given about the risk for the United States and the CDC's .


Leonard G Horowitz - Emerging Viruses - AIDS & Ebola - Nature ...
Sep 6, 2007 . At minimum, what you are about to read exposes many important facts which, unfortunately, few people realize and all would be better off .

Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola | Watch Free Documentary Online
Even though some of the things said in video games can be interesting and put forward points of view on a subject such as the existence of aliens or world .

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Ebola: Description, Vector, Mechanisms, Symptoms, etc.
NOTE: This file is for information only. It is not intended for diagnosis . Ebola is the second member of the family Filoviridae, or "thread" viruses. It is an enveloped, . It's much more fun than studying the info that's out there. So read the novels, .

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