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Published: September 8, 2007

Bill Haast and the Miami Serpentarium - recent news articles photo ...
IN PUNTA GORDA: Bill Hasst sold his Miami Serpentarium site in Pinecrest in 1984, . was looking at was the suckling pig it had swallowed whole and was digesting, I, was . I'd fainted at the realization of a whole baby pig inside that snake!

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Miguel Angel Morenatti/Associated Press

Miami Attractions: Find Miami Attractions Online
Miami Attractions: Overview of attractions and things to do in Metropolitan Miami, Florida. . along with the opportunity to be photographed holding a baby alligator. . is a high-tech entertainment, restaurant and bar experience where guests eat, . rare albino alligator and a 21-foot crocodile, are housed in the Serpentarium.

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Hunter Serpentology / T.C.R.S.
scan of old Miami Serpentarium post card bought off ebay. scan of promo . Tube feeding his special formula to a baby Cottonmouth (photo by Ray Hunter). Venom extraction area . I don't eat much, and I never eat before noon. » My slogan .

Jungle Island [formerly Parrot Jungle], Miami, Florida
The entire Miami Serpentarium, which closed in the mid-1980s, has been . gotta pay for the staff and the swanky new facility, and the crocosaurus has to eat. . Instead, the attraction hypes Peanut Butter and Pumpkin Pie, its twin baby .

Price List - Silver City Serpentarium
Silver City Serpentarium, Inc's. facebook Page. End-Of January . Ball Pythons, c.b. 2011 FEEDING BABIES! . Goliath Bird-Eating Tarantula, adults ?, 65.00 .

EventGuide Miami: Kids Events Overview
A summary of events for kids that occur each year in Greater Miami. . bunk in at the islandís Serpentarium, and Everglades Habitat recreates the ěriver of . Kids can get their pictures taken holding a baby alligator. . Miamiís GameWorks is a high-tech entertainment, restaurant and bar experience where kids can eat, drink, .

Miami Sea Aquarium discount tickets for the Miami Seaquarium in Key Biscayne Miami FL. About Lolita . Remember the Miami Serpentarium? A five year old boy fell into one of the snake pits and was eaten by a crocodile before . There is no reason to kidnap another living baby animal from its family and call it research.

The Serpentarium - Lodi, CA
10 Reviews of The Serpentarium "All I can say is WOW! Everyone in this . 10 reviews for The Serpentarium . Don't miss watching the colorful chameleons eat .

ARFF - Exotic "Pet" Incidents in Florida
A member of the Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Venom Response Program told local . FL: A rhea (a large bird related to the ostrich) was spotted eating plants in a ditch in . June 2008 / Panama City, FL: A baby raccoon who was discovered at a . In June 2007, a man stole five snakes from Hildreth's backyard "serpentarium.

dier in de kijker - kaaimanteju serpentarium 2011 - YouTube
Apr 24, 2011 . dier in de kijker - animal in the spotlight - kaaimanteju serpentarium 2011 . 4ft sulfur water monitor eating a ratby siegelreptiles 192397 views; Thumbnail . Caiman lizard at Miami Metro Zooby kingofmonsters008 110 views; Thumbnail . fatty baby caimen lizards-by siegelreptiles 5379 views; Thumbnail .

Miami - what was! (Hialeah, Hollywood: houses, movie theater, high ...
Aug 6, 2007 . Miami Miami-Dade County . Miss the old Serpentarium, too; and the mini-golf places. When I was a kid...you could go to any pet store here and buy baby alligators, can you imagine . Well, I can still get great eats in Miami.

Reptile World Serpentarium in Orlando-Daytona, Florida – Unique ...
Looking for unique tourist attractions for kids in Orlando-Daytona, Florida? Reptile World Serpentarium is a fun local place for family fun and activities with kids.

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Random Pixels and Loose Talk: Miami "snake man" Bill Haast dead ...
Jun 17, 2011 . Random Pixels has learned that Miami's legendary "snake man," Bill Haast, has died. . crew on a piece about 90 year-old Bill Haast, the legendary former owner of Miami Serpentarium. . Lioness tries to eat adorable baby.

Monkeys Questions including "What enemies do monkeys have"
they live because not to get eaten by other animals get rain sunlight and other tiny -somesorts- of food up . 2 monkeys have sex then baby monkeys r made . What Florida city boasts a seaqurium serpentarium and a monkey jungle? MIAMI .

Reptiles & Amphibians - Jonathan Crowe
And I bet you thought only cats tried to eat each other's barf. . the 42 baby garter snakes born in 2002, only now this baby snake is nine and a half years old. . Head of the Miami Serpentarium from 1946 to 1984, Haast extracted venom from .

Coral Snake Research
attempt to feed them, mostly because we knew of no food they would eat that was . Brewster, a coworker, suggested that we use strained baby food, diluted with some . had seen used by Bill Haast, then owner of the Serpentarium, a Miami, .

Hunter Serpentology / TCRS
c.b. baby King Cobra (Ophiophagus hannah) . W.A. Gaboon Viper eating a rat. Boiga spp. . Ray and Mr. William Haast of Miami Serpentarium Labs.

PBase Guestbook for Don Boyd
Me and a kid named Don Boyd were always at each other. . Jim Lowe worked with Bill Haast many years ago at the Miami Serpentarium. . where I've been eating all my Chinese food since about 1974--the old Yorkshire Inn steakhouse on .

Jungle Island - Miami, FL
There is a part, between La Playa and the serpentarium, that you can . a picture with the parrots, snakes, piglet, and baby alligator at the entrance. . They give you some food you can feed them [wallabies are even cuter when they're eating].

Not just parrots. Tigers as well. Baby ones. - Parrot Jungle Island ...
Jan 20, 2004 . I loved the tigers. There was a baby cougar/Florida panther, 2 baby tigers, and the cutest baby chimpanzee. . Now there is another show called 'Reptile Giants' in Serpentarium. When our . Finally I must mention eating. . Miami, Florida, 33132. Telephone 305-2-jungle. check them out at parrotjungle.com.

Right In Your Own Backyard: Snake Bites and Pets
Chief of Special Operations for Miami-Dade County and founder of the AntiVenin Program . Bill Haast, owner of the Miami Serpentarium, a lab specializing in the . In 2005 Cruz even responded to a case in which a Burmese python ate a pet Siamese . How to Make a Honey Extractor · Baby Squirrel Formula and Calcium .

Snakes, Bugs, Insects, and Other Creepy Crawlies Costa Rica
Whether in Costa Rica or Miami, there are more of them in these tropical or sub- tropical . I know many of them eat bugs and do helpful things around the house, so my discomfort is . Oh, and you'll be happy to know that these babies apparently make fine pets! . There are at least two serpentariums here is Costa Rica.

Bill Haast, human pincushion | Nature | OutsideOnline.com
Jul 1, 1997 . At 86, Haast still works year-round at his Miami Serpentarium . A typical day at the Serpentarium finds Haast heading to his "venom library" and choosing one of many large metal cages. . Ever eaten a snake? . First Name .


Miami City Guide, Miami Travel Guide, Miami City Tour ... - Fare Buzz
Fare Buzz, Miami City Guide offers most comprehensive information related to Miami Sightseeing Tours, Where to stay, Best Time to Visit, Getting Around, Where to Shop, Where to Eat, Miami Nightlife and more. . parrots and the Serpentarium that features ferocious predators like alligators and crocodiles. . First Name* .

Miami's Parrot Jungle Attraction
Explore Miami's parrot Jungle with our resident Florida guide. There's . To the right is the baby nursery where baby birds are hand fed by the Parrot Jungle staff. . Each bird has a covered stand where it can sit and rest and eat or drink until another person wants to play. . The Serpentarium is the next stop on the tour.

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Miami: perfect for club kids - and regular kids, too - The Globe and Mail
Feb 15, 2010 . Kids will love playing on the 24-kilometre Miami Beach. . It's also possible to check out "cute" gator babies or enjoy a sample of the grownups . stroll while the kids will enjoy the tiger show, the parrots, the petting zoo and the Serpentarium. . Video: Eat more foods rich in this mineral to ward off diabetes .

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