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a uml profile for representing business

Published: September 8, 2007

A UML Profile for Representing Business Object States in a Data ...
models. We identify a need to make this relationship more accessible. We introduce the UML Profile for Representing Business Object States in a DWH. It makes .

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Miguel Angel Morenatti/Associated Press

A UML Profile for the e3-Value e-Business Model Ontology
business models onto the UML notation. . represent the e3-Value concepts by means of UML. . Key words: Business modeling, e3-Value , UML profile, B2B .

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DBLP: Beate List
Birgit Korherr, Beate List: A UML 2 Profile for Variability Models and their Dependency . Veronika Stefanov, Beate List: A UML Profile for Representing Business .

Rational UML Profile for business modeling
Jul 2, 2004 . The Rational UML profile for business modeling is a component of the . It is important that a business actor represent some participant outside .

Linking business models and technical architecture of Web ...
Dec 19, 2005 . In this paper we provide guidelines for mapping our UML profile to various other approaches representing business models and functional .

Aligning Business Processes and Software Connecting the UML 2 ...
system match the requirements of a new business process. • The UML 2 profile for EPCs connected with UML 2 elements represent- ing software can be seen as .

Making a success of preliminary analysis using UML
5 The "UML profile" is a standard UML mechanism used to extend UML to a specific . Figure 4 – UML activity diagram representing a business process .

Semantics of Business Vocabulary and Business Rules - Wikipedia ...
Business rules represent the primary means by which an organization can . UML Profile for the Department of Defense Architecture Framework/Ministry of .

Representing XML Schema in UML - An UML Profile for XML Schema
Representing XML Schema in UML - An UML. Profile for XML Schema. Martin Bernauer, Gerti Kappel, Gerhard Kramler. Business Informatics Group, Vienna .

COMET - UML profile for business model
COMET - UML profile for business model . for whatever reason, including modelling purpose, be represented as a set of steps with a defined start point and end .

Enterprise Architect - the UML CASE tool for software design and ...
We will conclude with a review of the UML Data Profile (as proposed by Rational . The Class Model in the UML is the main artifact produced to represent the logical . The behaviour associated with a table is usually based on the business or .

can't represent the process concept. 4. BUSINESS PROCESS. EXTENSIONS. The proposed extensions to the UML profile for business modeling consist in the .

An UML Profile for Tivoli Event Management Modeling
This paper describes an UML profile designed to support our Analysts in the Analysis and Modeling . The elements representing a Business Application are: .

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UML Modelling of Automated Business Processes with a Mapping to ...
UML Profile for Automated Business Processes which allows BPEL4WS . UML class representing the purchase order process is shown in Figure 1. Fig. 1.

Business Modelling for Component Systems with UML
The key features of the approach to using UML are: use of a UML Profile defining stereotypes of UML metaclasses to represent the business modelling concepts .

UML profile diagram is a structure diagram which describes UML ...
UML profile diagrams are structure diagrams which describe UML extension mechanism . NET), or; domains (such as real-time or business process modeling). . model element by using attached icons represented by the Image profile class.

Design XML schemas using UML
Feb 1, 2003 . You can easily represent business concepts with the graphical notation . In the domain of XML schema design, the UML profile is extended to .

A UML Profile For Nested Business Collaborations
tions yet capable to represent complex process semantics and interactions. . profile that customizes UML for business process modeling by a set of stereotypes, .

Common Warehouse Metamodel (CWM): Extending UML for Data ...
Chang, Poole -- CWM: Extending UML for Data Warehousing and Business . Notationally, we represented references as . Based on UML Profile for MOF .

Thus, the process of information business modeling can be represented by its own tools. . for the purpose. Keywords: business modeling, SPEM, UML profile .

DBLP: Veronika Stefanov
Veronika Stefanov, Beate List: A UML Profile for Representing Business Object States in a Data Warehouse. DaWaK 2007: 209-220. 7, Electronic Edition .

architectural levels representing the business aspects that an organisation wants to . consistency between UML profiles and their metamodels, and to transform .

Using UML Profile for Connecting Information Architecture and ...
between business mnodels, information architecture and . hcave developed UML profile jor WIED (UPW) . might typically occur in representing the design of .

Extending the UML 2 Activity Diagram with Business Process Goals ...
represent them graphically in a conceptual BPML, namely the UML 2 Activity. Diagram . UML 2 profile with business process goals and performance measures.

Positioning REA as a business domain ontology
(2002) proposed an ontology for the business context which was an extension of the basic . REA-ontology that uses an UML profile for graphically representing .


event_metamodel_and_profile_rfp_-_v1.8.doc - Data Distribution ...
Compliment SOA interaction through compatibility with the UML Profile and Meta . ontology components representing business and IT vocabulary for events, .

Extending Uml for Multidimensional Modeling in Data Warehouse
using a UML profile for multidimensional databases. . We have extended the uml for representing the main multidimensional properties at the conceptual level such as the many-to- . analyzing the measures of a business process (customer, .

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A UML Profile for External AOR Models
We present a UML profile for an agent-oriented modeling approach called . be represented in the system of that company (which itself could be modeled as .

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